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CRL stands for Control Room Logbook. It is the official logbook of the MiniBooNE experiment. Entries made in CRL can be accessed either from the graphical user interface (GUI) or from the web interface.

Getting Started

From a Linux machine in Fermilab AFS space

  1. Check that your MiniBooNE environment has been properly installed.
    For example, type "printenv BOONE_AFS", if you don't get the path to MiniBooNE afs space then type "source /afs/" and put this line in your .login file.
  2. Type "crl &" at the command prompt. The CRL GUI will appear. From here you can search the log entries, make entries of your own, create threads of existing entries, and annotate existing entries.
  3. Send email to with your Fermilab computer account username requesting a CRL account. You will not be able to make entries without an account.
Useful Links
  1. Brief Introduction
  2. Full Documentation

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