Light propagation in mineral oil

Though the dominant light observed in MiniBooNE is Cherenkov light, scintillation and fluorescence (here, reabsorbed Cherenkov light re-emitted) account for about 25% of the light.

We model: scintillation light (yield, decay times, spectrum), fluorescence, scattering (Rayleigh, Raman), absorption, reflection (off tank walls, PMT faces) and PMT effects (single pe charge response).

External measurements

  • Scintillation from p beam (IUCF)
  • Scintillation from cosmic mu (Cincinnati)
  • Fluorescence Spectroscopy (FNAL)
  • Time resolved Fluorescence (JHU, Princeton)
  • Scattering (Princeton)
  • Attenuation (Cincinnati, FNAL)

Internal measurements

BooNE photo montage