The Lumberjack Datalog Plotter (D44)

The accelerator system has a very powerful data logging system called "Lumberjack" (it is called "lumberjack" because it is a "logger").  Within this system, individual logging processes record specific device readings, either at discrete intervals,or sampled on particular events.  Analyzing the logged data can be extremely useful in understanding performance and debugging problems.  The interface used for reading back logged data is D44.  You can use this plot to retrieve and plot up to eight devices either as a function of time or as a function of another logged device value.  The interface is shown below
The interface is not entirely intuitive, but it's worth learning, if you want to really understand things.  Specific setups can be saved and recalled for common tasks. For example, to get a summary of MiniBooNE beam performance:

The resulting plot will look something like this

The datalog plotter also has a web-based interface, which might be a little more intuitive for those not familiar with the controls system.  It can be found at