Beam Switch Box (D47)

The easiest way to see why we're not sending beam to MiniBooNE is to pull up a display of a Main Control Room switch box.  This is done by going to D47 and clicking "Start SA".  You'll get:

The elements needed to run MiniBooNE are outlined in purple (the purple outlines do not show up on the display). The rows of rectangular lights represent switch blocks for individual beamlines. Each has 14 physical switches, one at each console in the Main Control Room, and one software switch. ALL must be on (green) to enable a particular beam. The panel, as shown, would send beam ONLY to MiniBooNE. Specifically, you need:

A couple of subtle points:

Warning! If you leave this display up, it will eventually time out and stop updating with no indication, so only bring it up if you suspect something is amiss.