Multiwire Chamber Display/Beam Profile (E26)

We should probably see if the beam is hitting the target. Do this by bringing up the multiwires page on E26

You can select a chamber for plotting by clicking on the name to toggle the asterisk. You can see whether at multiwire is in or out by looking at the "I" or "O" in the brackets. During physics running, both the target multiwire (MWBT) and 50m absorber cross are in; you can also plot others if they happen to be in. Once you've selected the chamber(s) for plotting. Click "Start Plot".  Accept all the defaults. At some point, you'll be asked which SA. Select "Unused SA" if the option appears. Otherwise, you'll have to choose which graphics screen to overwrite. This will spawn the multiwire display. You can now exit E26 and the multiwire display will continue to update. Believe it or not, "good" profile looks like this: