Monitoring the MiniBooNE Horn

What Do I Do If The Horn Trips?

IMPORTANT: As of now, the bit "CAP Bank Voltage" (E:ISTPST) will read Low when the bit "On/Off" is Off. This is NOT a trip, and CANNOT be Reset. This bit will return to OK when the horn (E:MBHREF) is turned back On.

If the MiniBooNE horn trips, go to E30<4>. This is what the page looks like when there is no trip:

Find which parameter tripped. Open the digital status for that parameter and capture the image in the e-log. Reset the tripped parameter and continue running. Remember to call the MiniBooNE control room (2757) and tell them what happened.
If there are 3 trips of the same indication within eight hours, call Leon Bartelson.

What can I monitor?

From E30<4> you can monitor the listed parameters. Digitial status parameters will be explained in their own section.

V-Cap digital status.
V-SCR digital status.
I-Cell digital status.
Horn digital status page one.
Horn digital status page two.
Horn power supply reference.
Total horn current. This value is not latched, so you should FTP it to see the current.

V-Cap digital status

VCAPST digital status

This page gives the status of the V-Cap channels.

V-SCR digital status

VSCRST digital status

This page gives the status of the V-SCR channels.

I-Cell digital status

ICELST digital status

This page gives the status of the I-Cells channels. Note that in this example, I-Cell 8 is BAD. Normally, all channels should be OK.

Horn digital status page one

ISTPST digital status

Repetition Rate
This will trip if the repetition rate exceeds ???.
SCR Trig St
Indicate whether the horn it on or off.
Rel Err
Iload TRIP
Charging I Ok
Indicates whether the charging current is within tolerance.
Ground Fault
Indicates a ground fault.
CAP Bank Voltage
Indicates that the capacitor bank voltage is out of tolerance. In this example, the horn is off, so the capacitor bank voltage is low (because the capacitor bank is not charging).
Inactivity Timer
The power supply will turn off if it is not pulsed for ???. When the power supply is reset and turned back on, this will clear.
Klixons (bi-metallic strip that opens a circuit when a given temperature is exceeded). Klixon 1 is located ???. Klixon 2 is located ???.
Crow Trig St
Crowbar ...
P.S. Fault
Power supply fault. This can occur if ...
LCW/Air/15V Drive
This is a summed status from the water skid. Refer to RAW Monitoring page for details.
Spare 6
Spare input -- not used at this time.
1 Hz./Burst
Indicates whether the supply is in local or remote control.

Horn digital status page two

ISTPS2 digital status

This lists the same stuff as above.

Last Modified:  09 November 2003