MiniBooNE RAW System Problems

  1. What Can I Monitor from ACNET?
  2. Where Is The Raw System Located?
  3. What Do I Do If It Trips?

What Can I Monitorfrom ACNET?

Here is a plot showing the RAW devices:

Water flow in gallons per minute.
Temperature of water flowing into horn in degrees Celsius. Trip point is 50 C.
Temperature of water flowing out of horn in degrees Celsius.

The water flow should be about 19 gpm. The "in" and "out" temperature differ by about a degree. Their values depend on the protons per pulse and the repetition rate of the beam (that is, the total power deposited into the target). Typical water temperatures are between 25 C and 45 C.

Where Is The Raw System Located?

The RAW system is located in the MI12B enclosure.  It is just in front of the target pile, to beam-left.

The control panel is located in the MI12 service building, between the doors (closer to the upstream door). From this panel you can tell if the system is running, why it tripped, reset it, and turn it back on.

What Do I Do If It Trips?

If the raw system trips off, plot the above devices for the previous hour. If E:HWTIN exceeded 50 degrees Celsius, contact Ross Doyle.

Next, go to the MI12 service builing, look at the LEDs on the control panel and note which ones are red. Make sure you record this in the e-log.

To reset the system, hold the "on" button until the "total flow" changes from red to green. If the system will not reset or does not stay on, contact Ross Doyle.

Also, if you needed to contact Ross Doyle, please notify the MiniBooNE Control Room and the machine coordinator for MiniBooNE.

Last Modified:  27 May 2003