Data Aquisition System To Do List
 April 13, 2004.

Here is a list a items that need some time from each of us. I'd like to
get comments and additions, too. This task list will change with time.
Of course, some tasks are ongoing, and some can be checked off.

Color coding of below "to do" items:
Tasks in black are yet to be done.
Tasks in blue are ongoing.
Tasks marked purple are completed, or obsolete.

There is no monopoly on good ideas.
If anyone sees something that needs to be done,
or has a better way to implement something, lets talk about it.

General DAQ tasks:
Andrew Green:
(some of the below may be delegated...). Rex Tayloe:

Ben Sapp (advisory):

Shawn McKenney:
Chris Cox:

Los Alamos Electronics group-- Richard Van de Water, Nate Walbridge, Chuck Alexander, Richard Schirato.

Gordon McGregor
Jon Link:
Tom Kobilarcik:
Morgan Wascko:
Chris Green:
Steve Brice:
Panagiotis Spentzouris & Sam Zeller: