DAQ restarting instructions and (some) troubleshooting
Updated 4/13/2004
Andrew Green

These instructions are basically a compilation of my notes on "DAQ startup."  I hope it is useful if you find yourself needing this page. If not, please let me know and log your difficulties via email and CRL.  Passwords you will likely need are root on hal9000, hal9002, and those for the monoboard terminal server.

These instructions are best carried out at the detector, since there are many situations which require the rebooting of monoboards by hand, and various physical troubleshooting is required (things unplugged, turned off, etc.).

Your procedure for getting the DAQ started may differ depending on your situation.  Please log everything you do.  Email boone-daq if the need arises, or if you find something not covered here.

If there was a power outage, or if any QT crate was power cylced, you will need to follow the Power Up procedures for the QT crates.  You may need to reset the white relay box in the back to get them back on.  Instructions posted at the detector.

Powering down any or all of the DAQ/nearline computers

If computers are down (or you have had to bring them down)...

If there has been a power outage or brownout, then you will need to reboot the QT monoboards.  They frequenty do not come up by themselves. 
Start the Tank DAQ:
A little trouble-shooting: Restarting the Scaler DAQ
Miscellaneous (there is more applicable material in the instructions for running the DAQ):