Notes on how to configure a new monoboard (2304). This will also helpful for reconfiguring an old one.

host mb_ex1 { <--- Pick a name for the board

filename "vmlinux"; <--- This is the kernel 2.2 image that is loaded into every monoboard. It is actually in /tftpboot/ on hal9000.

next-server; <--- This is the IP address to the local dhcp server, hal9000. This doesn't change unless the server changes.

hardware ethernet 00:01:af:0a:55:31; <--- changed to reflect the board's HW address

fixed-address; <---for the closed subnet, just pick an un-used one.



Controller LUN =00?

Device LUN =00?

Node Control Memory Address =01F9E000?

Client IP Address =

Server IP Address =

Subnet IP Address Mask =

Broadcast IP Address =

Gateway IP Address =

Boot File Name ("NULL" for None) =?

Argument File Name ("NULL" for None) =?

Boot File Load Address =001F0000?

Boot File Execution Address =001F0000?

Boot File Execution Delay =00000000?

Boot File Length =00000000?

Boot File Byte Offset =00000000?

BOOTP/RARP Request Retry =20?

TFTP/ARP Request Retry =20?

Trace Character Buffer Address =00000000?

BOOTP/RARP Request Control: Always/When-Needed (A/W)=A?

BOOTP/RARP Reply Update Control: Yes/No (Y/N) =N?

Andrew Green Last modified: April 21, 2003