Event rate

Check laser event rate on the DAQ Monitoring web page, as shown below:

Run number      = 10329  (DATA MODE)
Event number    = 68653, Latent = 18 (=0.0%)
Total Rate      = 27 Hz, Latent Ave = 0.01 Hz
Instant Rate    = 24.0 Hz, Latent Inst. = 0.00 Hz

Started Mon 17-Jan-2005 11:41:10 CST, 589 ms
Current Mon 17-Jan-2005 12:22:05 CST, 750 ms
Time Elapsed = 0.68 hr

---------Rate Info: instant(average), total count(latent)---------
Beam & followers:
Beam:    4.50(4.74) Hz, 11626(1)         Gamma-ZB: 0.00(0.90) Hz, 2214(13)
Gamma:   0.00(0.42) Hz, 1033(0)          Beta:    0.00(0.80) Hz, 1969(0)

Strobe & followers:
Strobe:  2.00(2.01) Hz, 4923(0)          Gamma-ZB': 0.00(0.34) Hz, 825(0)
Gamma':  0.00(0.12) Hz, 304(0)           Beta':   0.00(0.29) Hz, 721(0)

Calibration Events:
Laser:   3.00(3.32) Hz, 8149(0)          Cal-Bm:  1.00(0.74) Hz, 1827(0)
Cube:    1.50(1.17) Hz, 2872(0)          Trk:     0.50(0.67) Hz, 1645(0)

Detector Events:
Michel:  1.50(1.17) Hz, 2880(2)          Tank:    0.00(0.33) Hz, 810(0)           Veto:    0.50(0.47) Hz, 1144(0)
BigNu:   0.00(0.67) Hz, 1651(0)          SuperN:  9.50(9.81) Hz, 24054(2)


Each line gives the instantaneous and run-averaged rate for each type of trigger. The laser triggers should come in at 3.33Hz.


FIG. 1 Laser NHIT distributions made using "". The plot on the left shows one prominent NHIT peak from laser events, and a tail from events containg cosmics. The Michels peak around 200, and muon go out to 1600. The plot on the left shows a prominent NHIT peak, and a secondary peak at higher NHIT. This is bad. Each plot was made by selecting "Number of Hits for Calib Laser Trig, Main" for the "current.his" histogram using "".

Laser hits time distributions

FIG. 2 Hit time distributions from laser events for good and bad runs. The plot ont the left shows a good run, and the plot on the right shows a bad run. The laser peak can be clearly in each plot, it is centered about 850 ns. The good run on the left has a steeply falling edge, while the bad run on the right has a slight tail on the laser time peak. Each plot was made by selecting "Refined Time for Calib Laser Trig, Main (ns)" for the "current.his" histogram using "".

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