Electronics Temperature!

The electronics temperatures must be monitored continually throughout the shift.
The environmental monitoring screen should show rack temperatures at around 30-33C for racks 1-7. It is okay for them to be lower, but not higher.  In addition, the HVAC air temp should be at around 12C.  Refer to the instructions on how to look at the environmental monitor autodialer system for how to view these temperatures. 

If the HVAC fails, then we can't take data because the electronics will heat up too much. The FESS department at Fermilab handles this and the other physical systems at the detector building.  

If the autodialer calls the control room,  then do the following:

  1. Acknowledge the autodialer call
  2. Using the phone:
    Listen to the message until the end
    Then press "0" (zero) on the touchpad
    Using the web:
    On the MiniBooNE Relay Rack Moonitoring System page do the following steps:
    1. Go to the main page
    2. Click on the AUTODIALER button (top left corner, second button). Wait.
    3. Click on LOGIN button (bottom left corner). Wait.
      A keyboard will pop up. At this point you enter the password (MiniBooNE internal pages password)
      Obs.: You have to use the mouse for this!
    4. If everything went right, a window should pop up saying: "Ok! Level 1" (or something like that)
    5. Press the red part of the "light switch" buttom Cancel Current Dial Out (besides the login/logout buttons) Wait!
    6. Press YES when the confirmation window asks you "Ready"?
    7. If you keep your eyes on the "light switch" buttom, then you will see it swing to red and going back to green.
    8. DONE!
  3. Check the autodialer web-page for high temperatures
    Go to main page and look for temperatures above 36C
    Or you can click on TRENDS and check the graphic for high temperatures.
  4. Call Fernanda (x3798 or pager: 218-4361) immediately if you found a rack at high temperature.

F.E.S.S. (Fermilab Engineering Support Services) troubleshooting & contact sheet.

Mechanic on duty (24 hrs.)
Fermilab voice page:  0102
cell: (630) 531-8074
Doug Boyd, FESS engineer
pager: (630) 266-8626
cell: (630) 399-9997
Fermilab voice page: 0382
home: (630) 584-3261
Bill Moorhouse, MiniBooNE Detector Building Manager
office: x4905,x8630
Fermilab voice page: 0193

Fermilab voice paging system Howto:

  1. Dial 72, wait for the tone.
  2. Enter pager #, wait for the tone
  3. Verbally give:
    • the message of what to number to call, and
    • the name of the person you are paging (if you know it), since there are sometimes multiple people that respond to a given pager number.
    •  Say the message twice.
    •  For example, if you are paging Bill Moorhouse from the control room, the you would say "Bill Moorhouse, call 2757.  Bill 2757".