Minutes of Operations Meeting

Date:  Monday, March 23, 2009, 10:00

 * Attending:
    Bari    Rick Ford
    Zarko   Ray
    Tom     Richard VdW (via phone)

 * BNB
   - MI8 line expert has requested that Booster implement bunch-rotation for
     MiniBooNE.  as this would foul up some potential analysis involving
     time-of-flight, it was denied.
 * MiniBooNE Detector
   - lost power to a crate on evening of 03/16/2009.  traced to a short in
     the recepticle.  FESS Duty Electrician fixed recepticle.
   - latency issue has not returned.
 * Remote Shifts
   - certification of Mexico will be postponed until JPARC takes another shift
     or two.
 * Computing
   - Warwick almost ready.  Ray continues to work.
   - hotspur is not dead yet.  it may be replaced by blackstone.
   - Ionis will be contacted by Richard for labview license.
 * AOB
   - instructions for printing two-hour-checklist from CNS22 are posted
     in control room.
 * Run Plans
   - run.

Tom Kobilarcik