MiniBooNE Operations

Shift Summary Form

    At the end of your shift:
  1. Bring up a console page.
  2. Go to B87
  3. Fill in the correct Start Time and End Time.
    Note: You must click on each field, turning the input from red to green, so that the program accepts the input.
  4. Next to *MAKE SUMMARY*, fill in <1D>.
    Remember to click on this, too!
  5. Click on *MAKE SUMMARY*.
  6. Using data from the pop-up screen, fill in the information below.
  7. Upon submission, a window with HTML text will pop up.
    Cut-and-paste all the text into the beamline e-log.

Who are you?
What day is it?
Which shift are you summarizing?
B87 Start Time (hh:mm:ss)
B87 End Time (hh:mm:ss)
Percentage up time
Total Events
Total Protons
Average Events/sec
Average Protons/Event
Average Protons/hour
(protons out)/(protons in)
(Joules lost)/(1E12 proton)

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