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If the monitoring GUI shows that there is an ACNET error, one of three things has happened:

  1. The GUI is misbehaving.
  2. The process which monitors the ACNET DAQ, "keepalive", has failed.
  3. The ACNET DAQ has failed.

To determine which has occured, follow the diagnostic proceedure below. Once you have diagnosed the problem, follow the apropriate proceedure to fix it (also listed below). As always, read each proceedure through before begining, and follow the instructions.

Diagnosic Proceedure

Go to the ACNET DAQ web page This page is linked from the Operation web page under Monitoring block

  1. Check that ACNET DAQ is working:
    1. Look at the data frames.
    2. Check that the run number is the current one, the time is updating, and the data rates are about what is expected.
    3. If these numbers are sensible, then ACNET DAQ is working.
  2. Check that "keepalive" is running:
    1. Go to the unshaded frame.
    2. Look under the "Diagnostic Pages" heading for "heartbeat file".
    3. Click on this link. A two-line frame will appear:
      HEARTBEAT_ACNET = xxxx
      HEARTBEAT_ACNET_MESSAGE = 'All is well.'
    4. Refresh the fram a few times. When you refresh the frame, HEARTBEAT_ACNET should change. If HEARTBEAT_ACNET is changing, then "keepalive" is running.
  3. If ACNET DAQ is working and "keepalive" is running, but the ACNET button on the run control is red, then the GUI is misbehaving.
You have now daignosed the problem.

Fix-it Proceedure

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