Running the Beam Monitor

Is The Beam Monitor Running?

There are two ways tell if the beam monitor is runnig: viewing the output, and checking if the process is running.

To view the output:

  1. From a web browser, go to the MiniBooNE BPM Monitoring System page.
  2. This page updates every 30 seconds, so wait for one refresh
  3. Check that the timstamp at the top of the left frame is current.
To check if the process is running:
  1. Log on to division as e898.
  2. Go to /acnet/acnet-current/bin
  3. Type status, which will tell you the status of the process.

How Do I Start The Beam Monitor?

To start the beam monitor:

  1. Log on to division as e898.
  2. Go to /acnet/acnet-current/bin
  3. Type restart.
    Using "restart" has the advantage that if the process is already running, it will not start a new one.

I Am Hopelessly Confused! What Do I Do?

If your confusion arises from the Beam Monitor, or, more generally, an ACNET issue, then feel free to contact Tom Kobilarcik.