Detector/ Zarko Pavlovic cell: 630-276-9061
Electronics/DAQ experts
office: 630-840-2117

Richard Van de Water cell: 505-695-8364

office: 505-675-6375

Rex Tayloe Office: 812-855-3057

Ranjan Dharmapalan Cell: 205-887-2242

ACNET experts Zarko Pavlovic cell: 630-276-9061

office: 630-840-2117

Beamline experts MCR (Main Control Room) 630-840-3721
(includes MI12 issues,

target, and horn) Tom Kobilarcik office: 630-840-2882

cell: 630-802-5243

Craig Moore office: 630-840-2251

cell: 630-222-1055


Shift Sign-up
Rex Tayloe office: 812-855-3057

Other numbers MiniBooNE Shift Cell (forwarded to current shifter) 505-500-5511

Detector vestibule x 6881

Detector main x 6081

Work Central x 3434

[Detector HVAC problems]