MiniBooNE - March Shift Schedule

Run Coordinator: Tom Kobilarcik
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There is a shutdown March 15-20.
Expect at least two additional days for startup.


00:00 - 08:00 08:00 - 16:00 16:00 - 24:00

Monday March 01

Ami Choi Tom K. Andrew G.

Tuesday March 02

Ami Choi Paul N. Rick F.

Wednesday March 03

Ami Choi Panagiotis Andrew G.

Thursday March 04

Ami Choi Craig M. Richard VdW

Friday March 05

Ami Choi Al R. Sam Z.

Saturday March 06

Chris C. Paul N. Ioanis K.

Sunday March 07

Chris C. Tom K. Chandra B.

Monday March 08

Chris C. Andrew G. Terry H.

Tuesday March 09

Michel S. Paul N. Terry H.

Wednesday March 10

Michel S. Andrew G. Bill L.

Thursday March 11

Bonnie F. Andrew G. Bill Metcalf

Friday March 12

Bonnie F. Andrew G. Bill Metcalf

Saturday March 13

Alexis Chandra B. Bill Marsh

Sunday March 14

Hiro Peter M. Gordon McG.
Shutdown begins
Shift changover is 09:00 on day listed

Monday March 15

Gordon McG
will carry shift pager
Peter M.

Tuesday March 16

Heather R.

Wednesday March 17

Heather R.

Thursday March 18

David F.

Friday March 19

Tom K./Andrew G.
Shutdown Ends/Startup Begins at 16:00 Saturday
Day shift person is shifter until 09:00 the next day
On-call person should be contacted if beam returns.

Saturday March 20

Andrew G. Bill Marsh
on call

Sunday March 21

Andrew G.
on call
Eric Z.
on shift
Gordon McG.
on call

Monday March 22

Yong Liu
on call
Terry H.
on shift
Peter K.
on call

Tuesday March 23

Yong Liu
on call
Terry H. Ryan P.
on call

Wednesday March 24

Alexis A.
on call
Al R. Ryan P.
Resume Normal Running During Evening
This date is subject to revision

Thursday March 25

Yong Liu
on call
David F. Bill Metcalf

Friday March 26

Ray S. Gordon McG. Bill Metcalf

Saturday March 27

Alexis Paul N. Rick F.

Sunday March 28

Fernanda Dave S. Bill Metcalf

Monday March 29

Fernanda Bruce B. Peter K.

Tuesday March 30

Michel S. Bruce B. Bill L.

Wednesday March 31

Michel S. Bruce B. Alexis

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