MiniBooNE - April 2007 Shift Schedule

Run Coordinator: Teppei Katori
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beam off shift

Sunday April 01

Bill Metcalf

Monday April 02

Bill Metcalf

Tuesday April 03

Bill Metcalf

Wednesday April 04

Sam Zeller

Thursday April 05

Sam Zeller

Friday April 06

Jarek Nowak

Saturday April 07

Jarek Nowak

Sunday April 08

Richard Van de Water

Monday April 09

Kendall Mahn

beam shift starts

00:00 - 08:00 08:00 - 16:00 16:00 - 24:00

Tuesday April 10

-beam off- Kendall Mahn Bill Louis

Wednesday April 11

Ricahrd VdW Kendall Mahn Yong Liu

Thursday April 12

Van Nguyen Al Russell A. A. A.-A.

Friday April 13
Happy Friday the 13th
Teppei Katori Sam Zeller Ion Stancu

Saturday April 14

Yong Liu Serge O. Ion Stancu

Sunday April 15
Thanks Zelimir!
Teppei Katori Zelimir Djurcic David Finley

Monday April 16

Richard Van de Water Morgan Wascko Sam Zeller

Tuesday April 17

Denis Perevalov Morgan Wascko Sam Zeller

Wednesday April 18

Morgan Wascko ray stefanski Serge O.

Thursday April 19

Denis Perevalov ray stefanski Chris P.

Friday April 20

Bonnie Fleming ray stefanski Chris Polly

Saturday April 21
Thanks Linda!
Bonnie Fleming Morgan W. and Serge O. Linda Coney

Sunday April 22
Thanks Al!
Al Russell Ray Stefanski Linda Coney

Monday April 23
Thanks Richard!
Richard VDW ray stefanski Fernanda Garcia

Tuesday April 24

Denis Perevalov ray stefanski Fernanda Garcia

Wednesday April 25

Sam Zeller ray stefanski Zelimir Djurcic

Thursday April 26

Denis Perevalov heather ray Alexis Aguilar

Friday April 27

Teppei Katori heather ray Richard VDW

Saturday April 28

Rex Tayloe Ray Stefanski Alexis Aguilar

Sunday April 29

Rex Tayloe Geoff Mills Geoff Mills

Monday April 30

Rex Tayloe ray stefanski Mitch Soderberg
supervised by Teppei Katori

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