MiniBooNE Shifter Information

    Experts on Call and Important Phone Numbers

    1. A more complete list of contact information.

    MiniBooNE Run Shift Organization

    1. Shift organization, Shift Taking Guidelines

    Shift Documentation

    1. GoldenRules: Guidelines for shifters.
    2. Beam Line Monitoring Guide: Guide for beamline monitoring - explains what all this stuff is.
    3. Beam Line Monitoring Proceedure: What to watch when you are on shift.

    Shift Forms

    1. Every-2-Hours Shift Checklist: (Just what it says!)
    2. Shift Summary Form: Track relevant parameters for your shift.
    3. BPS Checklist: Beam Permit System checklist -- to be filled out every Sunday afternoon.

    Shift Sign-up

    1. Shift sign-up procedure
    2. Shift sign-up web form and schedule
    3. Shift statistics and old shift schedule

    Normal Running

    1. During normal running there are three shifts per day.
    2. Shift changes at 08:00, 16:00, 00:00
    3. Shifter is supposed to know what is going on at the detector/beamline and make updates in the CRL and MiniBooNE e-log.
    4. Carry the pager all the time.

    "On Call"
    During start-up times, shifts may be labeled "on call". If you sign up for an on call shift, you are expected to be in the MiniBooNE control room during the nornal shift time. However, if beam is not yet running, it will be treated as a shutdown day. You will be given as much advance warning as possible. Best thing to do: plan on being here.

    Shift coord.
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