Getting Computer Accounts

When you first arrive at the lab, you will be presented with lots of forms that must be read and signed in order to get an ID and computer access. You must ensure that you sign to say to have read and understood the computing policy. Nothing whatsoever will happen until this form is processed.

In order to request the relevant accounts, use the forms at the following links:

1. Main CD Computer Account Request Form

On this form, fill out the following fields (entries in green should be filled in as specified):

Fermi ID: (eg 08466: you must have this before you can request an account)
Lab Status: (eg V, T)
Experiment: E898
Affiliation: (your institution)
Username (second choice):
Previous Usernames and/or IDs: (if applicable)
Supervisor/Spokesperson: Bill Loius
Supervisor/Spokesperson Email:

Next, you should check the Fermilab Mail Server box. Your Initial Mail Destination should be your address at your home institute address for now, even if you check the Fermilab IMAP Server box below it.

Discuss with your supervisor (or advisor, hiring professor, etc) if you should get an IMAP account. Unless you intend to read all your mail by remotely logging in to your home institute, you should probably check the Fermilab IMAP Server box. He or she should also advise you whether you should list yourself as permanent or temporary here.

Next, check the Unix Systems and UIDs box, and select "FNALU" in the selector box below it.

Under "Briefly describe computing to be done on fnalu", enter something like: email / interactive use.

Finally, submit the form.

2. NT FNAL Domain & PPD "WinCenter" accounts

You should only fill in this form if you will need access to Windows applications (MS Office, etc). Check the NT Servers box. Leave the explanation box blank.

Fill in the other information as follows:

First Name:
Last Name:
Fermi ID: (eg 08466V)
Department: Other, BooNE
Status: (as appropriate)
Supervisor: Bill Louis <>
Experiment or Group: E898
Desired Username: (leave blank)
Expiration Date of Account: (check with your immediate supervisor)
Type of Computing to be Done: PPDWINCTR use for MS Office, etc.

Don't forget to ensure that you have read the Fermilab Computer-Use Policy and check the box before submitting the form.

3. Cryptocard request form

You should only fill in this form if your supervisor says you need a cryptocard. This is a device which looks like a credit card-sized calculator which one uses to log in to FNAL machines from a computer that has not been kerberized. See here for details about what this actually means, but the short answer is: if you will only ever be logging in to machines from the 10th floor or elsewhere at the lab (including NIC terminals), you don't need one. If you wish to log in from home, or from your home institute, chances are you will.

Fill in the first section identically to that on the Computer Account Request Form (1, above). Check the box to indicate whether you have already received your principal only if this is actually true and the email giving you your initial password is sitting in your inbox.

Your Kerberos Principal Name should be the same as your requested username on the Computer Account Request Form.

If you still need a kerberos principal, check the box.

Check the box for a CRYPTOCard.

Decide how long you can wait for your crypto card. Two weeks is about standard. Anything shorter requires a good reason. If you are requesting a principal at the same time, select YESTERDAY! and qualify in the reason box that your principal is required immediately, but that the card can wait for however long you think it can wait.

Submit the form.

When you receive your accounts

When you receive your principal, email boone-computing or visit me in office #1073 and I will activate your account on the BooNE cluster of Linux PCs.

Then you should log in to one of the BooNE cluster PCs and change your kerberos and AFS passwords. See How to use a NIC Terminal if you do not have direct access to a machine.

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