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Data Release for A.A. Aguilar-Arevalo et al., "A Combined $\nu_\mu \rightarrow \nu_e$ and $\bar\nu_\mu \rightarrow \bar \nu_e$ Oscillation Analysis of the MiniBooNE Excesses", arXiv:1207.4809

The following MiniBooNE information from the 2012 nue & nuebar appearance paper is made available to the public:

Event Distributions

The following tables provide distributions of oscillation candidate events in the following variables: reconstructed neutrino energy (E_nu^QE), lepton visible energy (E_vis), cosine of lepton-beam direction (cos_the). Notes:

Electron/gamma efficiencies

In order to enable comparisons of the MiniBooNE data with alternative (non-oscillation) hypothesis, we provide this table of electron/photon efficiencies: eg_effs.csv

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