Shift Instructions:

Check the "2hr checklist" form on the right (automatically filled by a script every 2hr). All yes/no questions should be answered 'yes'. Numbers are shown with ranges or mean values. If a problem persists (two or more consecutive checklists- past checklists are in the ECL), i.e. "no" or value out of range, then email (or phone call if you suspect an urgent problem) should be sent to the appropriate expert.

Ensure that detector DAQ (Trigger Monitor page) is live. Check that DAQ beam trigger rate (Trigger Monitor page) is consistent with the Booster 1D trigger rate. Contact detector expert if not.

Monitor the detector temperature; see the web link "Rack Temperatures" under plots. Should the temperature of any rack go above 35C, the display will go red. If no action is taken, the rack power will automatically be tripped when the temperature reaches 40C. If having HVAC problems experts have about 20min to turn off detector gracefully. The experts will be automatically called, but confirm they are aware (call on-call expert).

Check that the Nearline, UberDAQ, and DaqLog link to make sure all are running (current time stamps) and no errors are reported (green, yellow and blue are ok, red is bad). If there are errors, email the detector expert.