8 GeV & MiniBooNE Construction Pictures

The diversion of Indian Creek.

These photos were taken as part of the process for diverting Indian Creek around the construction area.

04/05/01 Inspection by the Will County EPA. A view of Indian Creek as it flows into the culverts under the Main Injector ponds.

04/06/01 On a rainy Friday, we see the east leg of the diversion channel with the silt dams removed.

04/06/01 Where the creek begins its flow into the diversion channel. This photo was taken before the cannel was open - dam is under water.The NuMI construction site is in the background.

04/06/01 Indian Creek just west of the diversion point. This photo was taken on an unusually rainy day, causing fairly high water levels.

04/06/01 North end of the diversion at the truck crossing looking west.The small culverts (submerged) at the crossing will be replaced by four 24 inch culverts to permit greater flow.

04/06/01 North end of the channel looking east across the truck crossing.

04/06/01 The west side of the diversion looking south. The contractor is extracting rip rap from the channel, and preparing to move the channel further to the west.

04/06/01The winters damage to the wall of the excavation has brought the divesion channel perilously close to failure. The channel is being relocated further from the excavation to prevent any drainage of the creek into the excavated area.

04/06/01 Indian creek flowing from east to west, lookig east at the point of diversion. This picture was taken just before flow was cut-off into the creek.

04/06/01 Indian creek flowing west into the culvert system below the Main Injector ponds, just before flow into the creek was diverted into the divesion channel.

04/13/01 New 24 inch culverts installed under the haul road to provide for better flow..

04/13/01 The diversion jst northwest of the excavated area now shows very good flow.

04/19/01 A small rock damn added just upstream of the Main Ring road to filter the creek flow.

07/19/01 Looking east, away from the 8 GeV berm, excavation for re-diverting the creek back toward its original path has begun.

08/16/01 Looking east at the culvert that spans the beam tunnel, we see the small part of land that must be prepared before the creek rediversion can take place.

08/23/01 The wing walls have been placed on the culverts. Preparing for rediversion of Indian Creek

08/23/01 Culverts and rip-rap ready for the re-diversion of Indian Creek.

09/25/01 Entry nto th culverts from the east side.

09/25/01 From the top of the 8 GeV berm, we look west at Indian Creek.