MiniBooNE Construction Pictures

Phase I: The Detector Excavation

The following pictures document the progress of the excavation for the vault which will house the MiniBooNE detector.

8/10/99 Collaborator Eric Hawker at the MiniBooNE site prior to construction. The orange stake on Eric's left marks the center of the detector.

11/01/99 Cleared the excavation site. The stake marking the center of the detector is visible near the rear wheel of the Terex truck.

11/01/99 Utility manholes in place.

11/01/99 Putting in the service road and hard-stand.

11/03/99 Excavating gets under way. The hole is about 15' deep.

11/03/99 Four-bay switch (green box) in place. The contractor's equipment trailer is behind it.

11/03/99 Another view of the start of the excavation.

11/05/99 An overview of the site. The top of the backhoe can be seen protruding from the excavation. The white trailer houses the construction office.

11/05/99 A view of the mounting stockpile of dirt from the excavation.

11/05/99 The excavation is now complete to the 15' level.

11/05/99 Later in the day the excavation starts down to 30'.

11/10/99 The excavation is now close to the bottom. The stockpile is visible in the background.

11/10/99 Another view of the excavation showing the emergency egress ladder.

11/15/99 The excavation has now reached bottom. The stockpile is visible to the right, behind the piles of gravel which will line the floor of the hole.

11/15/99 Looking down the access ramp.

11/15/99 The bottom of the excavation viewed from near the backhoe.
11/17/99 The excavation is now complete. This view shows the backhoe leaving the hole via the access ramp.