MiniBooNE Construction Pictures

Phase II: Construction of the Detector Vault Base Slab

The following pictures document the progress of the construction of the base slab for the vault which will house the MiniBooNE detector.

11/17/99 The excavation is complete and a concrete box which will house the sump pit is being formed.

11/17/99 A close up view of the box.

11/24/99 Pouring of the mud slab is under way. It is a thin layer of cement over a gravel base in which the underdrain system has been buried. The mud slab provides a good working surface on which to place the rebar.

11/24/99 This is how they get the cement into the hole.

11/24/99 Placing the first layer of rebar for the base slab has started.

11/24/99 The forms for the base slab are also being erected.

11/29/99 The yard hydrant has now been installed.

11/29/99 The first layer of rebar is now complete and the second layer has started.

11/29/99 A close up view of the sump pit showing where the underdrain system connects into it.

12/8/99 The forms and rebar for the base slab are now just about complete.

12/8/99 This is the "box out" for the main sump pit. This is needed because the sump will not be delivered before the base slab is poured.

12/10/99 Pouring the concrete for the base slab has begun.

12/10/99 The conveyor system for the concrete is simultaneously fed by two cement trucks. More than 30 trucks will be needed.

12/10/99 A closer view of the operation below.

12/10/99 Here they are finishing the surface of the base slab.