MiniBooNE Construction Pictures

Phase III: Construction of the Detector Vault Walls

The following pictures document the progress of the construction of the walls for the vault which will house the MiniBooNE detector.

12/16/99 The forms for the lower half of the walls are being put in place.

12/16/99 This is the crane used to carry the forms into the hole.

12/21/99 The inside forms and the rebar are nearly complete for the first section of wall to be poured.

01/03/00 Half of the lower wall has been poured; the inner forms have been repositioned and the rebar is being installed for the second half. The height of this wall is 22'.

01/07/00 The second half of the lower wall is being poured.

01/12/00 The concrete for the lower wall is now complete.

01/12/00 The damp-proofing and wall drains (the black stuff on the bottom half of the wall) are being installed and backfilling has begun.

01/17/00 The columns which will support the corridor are being constructed (lower left of the picture) and the inside gang forms for the second half of the vault wall are being mounted.

01/17/00 Another view of the mounting of the gang forms which also shows the extent to which the excavation has been backfilled. (Wilson Hall is visible above the trees in the background.)

01/28/00 The inner gang forms for the first half of the second wall lift are in place and the rebar is being installed. Two of the support columns for the corridor are half complete. (One is wrappred in thermal blankets to help the concrete to set.) The backfilling is largely complete up to the bottom half of the vault walls.

02/03/00 Pouring the concrete for the first half of the second wall lift.

02/09/00 Forms have been removed from the first half of the second lift and the inner forms have been placed for the second half. The inset forms for the floor supports can be seen in this picture.

02/21/00 The second lift of the vault wall is now complete and back-filling is well advanced.

02/21/00 A view inside the vault from the top of the wall which is now at the level of the future electronics room floor.

02/25/00 Damp-proofing and backfilling is well underway.

02/28/00 Continuing to back-fill.

03/03/00 View showing the inside of the vault and the completed back-fill for this phase of the project.