MiniBooNE Construction Pictures

Phase IV: Construction of the Entrance Corridor

The following pictures document the progress of the construction of the entrance corridor which also contains the pit which houses the overflow tank.

03/03/00 Preparing the forms and rebar for the base of the entry corridor.

03/06/00 The base slab for the entry corridor has been poured. This slab will form the floor of the pit which will contain the overflow tank.

03/17/00 The subgrade walls of the entry corridor have been poured and the gang forms are being removed. In the background and to the right, the Los Alamos overflow tank can be seen.

03/22/00 The forms and rebar for corridor floor are now in place.

03/22/00 Pouring the concrete for the corridor floor.

03/24/00 The footings for the wing walls have been poured and rebar and forms for the wing walls and corridor walls are being constructed.

03/31/00 The concrete for the corridor walls is being poured and the forms for the entrance wing walls are being erected.

03/31/00 The concrete for the HVAC pad has been poured.

04/10/00 The forms have been removed from the corridor walls and the concrete for the north wing wall has been poured.

04/12/00 The forms for the south wing wall are nearly complete.

04/24/00 Both wing walls are now complete.