MiniBooNE Construction Pictures

Phase VI: Construction of the Electronics Room

The following pictures document the progress of the construction of the cylindrical shaped room which sits above the tank vault and which will house the experiment's signal processing and data collection equipment..

05/24/00 The first of the two T-beams which will form the main floor support is lowered into place.

05/24/00 Approximately half the precast floor panels have been placed.

06/05/00 The outside forms for the 1st half of the walls have been placed and the rebar is being installed.

06/05/00 The personnel door has been installed in the entrance corridor.

06/22/00 The first half of the walls have been poured and the form work for the collar beam is under way. The collar beam will support the enclosure roof.

06/22/00 The concrete for the corridor roof is ready to be poured.

06/28/00 The corridor roof has been poured.

06/28/00 The the first half of the collar beam which supports the electronics room roof has been poured.

06/28/00 Most of the precast floor slabs have been installed.

07/07/00 The north-east wall has been stripped and damp-proofed.

07/07/00 The outside forms for south-west wall are in place.

07/13/00 The south-west wall is ready for concrete to be poured.

07/20/00 The south-west wall and collar beam have been poured and the forms are being removed.

07/20/00 Construction of the earth berm is under way on the north side.

08/10/00 The south-west wall is complete and the earth berm is partially constructed.

08/10/00 The north-west earth berm is also part done.

08/10/00 The concrete entry ramp has been completed. (The pipes are for the tank plumbing.)

08/10/00 The roll-up door is in place.

08/10/00 The precast floor panels are all in place.

08/22/00 The precast roof beams are all in place and are being prepared to have the reinforcing concrete added.

08/22/00 The precast roof beams as viewed from above.

08/22/00 The floor hatches are all installed. The equipment hatch (center of the entryway) and the sump pump service hatch are visible in this picture. The worker is installing form work for the connection between the corridor roof and the main roof.

08/22/00 The ladder and hatch which provide access to the tank vault.

08/22/00 The roof is now complete.