MiniBooNE Construction Pictures

Phase VI: Mechanical and Electrical Installations

The following pictures document the progress of the completion of the detector enclosure. This includes the utility systems such as fire protection, sumps, air-conditioning, and power, as well as the exterior earth covering and road.

09/01/00 Installation of the electrical conduits for the lighting in the tank vault has started.

09/01/00 The earth berm has reached the height of the roof.

09/01/00 The fire sprinkler system is being installed in the electronics room. Also visible in this picture are the bolts on which the trolley hoist rail will be mounted.

09/01/00 The plumbing for the fire system is being installed.

09/12/00 Earth is being placed on top of the structure. To the left is the communications duct which comes from the Target Hall.

09/12/00 Here are the electrical conduits which bring power into the building from the transformer pad.

09/12/00 The HVAC pad is ready as is the trenching for the duct work.

09/12/00 The electrical installation is progressing. Here we see some of the conduits in the electronics room as well as the grounding cable.

09/12/00 The fire protection system is also progressing well.

10/04/00 The air ducting into the enclosure from outside is installed. This system will allow us to create a slight overpressure in the encloseure which will aid in maintaining a clean environment during installation.

10/04/00 This ducting brings air to the bottom entrance to the tank. It will be used to maintain good airflow through the tank during installation.

10/04/00 This is the oil monitoring sump. it will be used to check for oil leaks after the tank is filled.

10/04/00 Here is the below grade plumbing for the fill pipe. This arrangement allows us to add a pump in order to empty the tank when the experiment is completed.

10/04/00 This sprinkler system is required to keep the tank cool is the unlikely event of a fire in the vault region.

10/04/00 The trolley beam has been installed. A 1-ton hoist will be mounted on this beam to aid in the installation process.

10/04/00 Progress has been made on placing the earth overburden.

12/01/00 The HVAC system is installed.

12/01/00 The trolley hoist is installed.

12/01/00 The project is virtually complete with only a small amount of electrical work to be done.

12/01/00 A more distant view of the detector enclosure.