Civil Construction for the 8 GeV Beamline, and MiniBooNE

You can follow the progress of the construction project for the 8 GeV Beamline, MI-12, and the MiniBooNE Decay Pipe in the following series of photographs.

  1. Getting Started: Initial Preparatory Work. Started June-07-2000 ... Completed July-14-2000.

  2. The jacked pipe and Main Injector installation: Installation of a 24 inch diameter pipe beneath MI-10, and installation of beam elements in the Main Injector tunnel. Started Oct-13-2000.... Completed Dec-15-2000.

  3. The 8 GeV tunnel & alcove: Construction of the beamline tunnel and access alcove. Started July-14-2000. Beneficial Occupancy granted on November 19, 2001.

  4. Indian Creek: Opening of the Indain Creek diversion channel. Started April-06-2001.... Completed Sept. 25, 2001.

  5. The target hall: Construction of the below ground targeting enclosure. Started July-14-2000.... Beneficial Occupancy granted on January 12, 2002.

  6. The decay pipe and absorbers.: Construction of the decay pipe and beam absorbers.Started- August-14-2000...... Completed April 15, 2002.

  7. MI-12: Construction of the MI-12 service building. Started- September 19, 2001.....Completed April 15, 2002.

A schematic drawing of the 8 GeV beamline and MiniBooNE Target Hall

The 8 GeV beamline consists of a tunnel that curves into roughly a quarter circle. The tunnel is tied to the Main Injector by a 24" pipe (the lacked pipe) that is pushed beneath the MI-10 service building. At the north end, the beam tunnel ties into the target hall. Further downstream, the target hall leads to the decay pipe and the beam absorbers. Above the target hall resides the MI-12 service building.