8 GeV Beamline & MiniBooNE Construction Pictures

for the Jacked pipe.

The following pictures document the process for installation of the jacked pipe beneath the MI-10 service building.

10/19/00 An overview of the alcove area with Bull's Eye equipment being placed into the alcove area.

10/19/00 An overview with the jack-screw in place, but the remaining equipment pulled back.

10/19/00. Bulls Eye construction bringing in the pipe jacking equipment.

10/19/00. The jack-screw at the end of the pipe. Seen also at the top of the pipe,a water line used for alignment.

10/19/00. The jack-screw as the mechanism used to turn the screw is moved away.

10/19/00. The alignment can only be adjusted manually: That is a person must enter the pipe and place an appropriate shim to steer it horizontally.

10/19/00 A closer look: A surveyor checks the alignment of the pipe as it is being pushed toward the Main Injector.

10/19/00 A control of vertical alignment. It may be primitive but it works.

10/19/00 The back end of the mechanism used to turn the jacking-screw. The thick clay earth that is excavated comes out of this opening.

11/10/00 As the November MI shutdown begins,a view of the 8 GeV transfer line to the Main Injector tunnel.

11/10/00 At this point, grout was injected in to the wall to stabilize the material just beyond the wall. This view shows the 30 inch coring bit that will be used to core the wall.

11/10/00 A view of the coring process. Shortly after this photo was taken, the coring bit became stuck on rebar. The contractor worked well into the evening, and the following day to complete the job, because of the unusually dense rebar in this wall.

11/13/00 The start of magnet cables being installed at MI-10 and the Main Injector tunnel.

11/15/00 Looking down the 24" diameter carrier pipe from the MI tunnel.

11/15/00 Residue of gravel that fell into the tunnel when the core was removed.

11/20/00 High level meeting in the MI tunnel. Just after the inside of the pipe was painted with primer, tried to come up with a plan to align the last 2 feet of pipe.

11/25/00 Cable tied to pig being pulled through the 24" carrier pipe by a fork truck. Reddish dust is seen coming from pipe.

11/25/00 The pig sitting on the edge of the carrier pipe.

11/25/00 Pig as it leave the 24" carrier pipe.

11/25/00 Pig sitting on the floor.

11/30/00 Workers are busy assembling the first 20 foot section of beam pipe, utility pipes, and cable duct to enter into the carrier pipe.

11/30/00 The entrance to the carrier pipe after grouting and after the pipe was cut flush with the wall.