8 GeV & MiniBooNE Construction Pictures

for the alcove area.

The following pictures document the civil construction in the beamline tunnel and alcove area.

08/29/00 View of piling driven for support of the utility banks.

08/29/00 Work on the power lines next to the MI road, and a pile driver nearby.

09/18/00 The pond water piping has been relocated.

09/18/00 Work along the soldier pile wall.

09/21/00 A near miss, when a crane touched an overhead wire.

09/21/00 A section of wire that shows the damage caused by the arc.

09/27/00 Completed structure for holding up the utility banks.

09/28/00 Trenching for the utility corridor from MI-10 to MI-12.

09/28/00 Installation of the chipmunk at the east end of the excavation.

09/28/00 Installation of the chipmunk at the west end of the excavation.

09/28/00 Excavation around the utility banks.

10/05/00 Excavation in the alcove area prior to setting up for the jacked pipe installation.

10/05/00 Completed support structure for the utility corridors that cross above the future beam-line tunnel.

10/05/00 The beginning of growth of vegetation along the creek diversion. This will prove to be very problematic.

10/30/00 Working on the utility connections near the MI-20 service building.

11/09/00 Work progressing on the power distribution from MI-12.

11/09/00 The completed mud-slab for the alcove area.

11/10/00 After a hard rain, you may need a little imagination to believe the alcove mud-slab is really down there.

11/10/00 Another view of the utility banks that cross above the future beam tunnel parallel to the MI road.

11/10/00 From this angle, the creek diversion is beginning to look pretty green, but this may not be sufficient.

11/20/00 View of utility pipes extended from MI-10 to just north of the MasonCorp trailer.

11/22/00 A view of the flooded excavation about 45 minutes after the water line break.

11/22/00 This view shows the water rushing down into the excavation.

11/22/00 Bringing in a pumping unit to try to recover from the flood.

11/22/00 A view of the broken piping involved in the water line break.

11/22/00 A view toward the excavation area from the top of the water line break.

11/22/00 After some of the water was pumped out of the excavation, we can see the equipment that was damaged by the flood: A welding machine and pump.

11/30/00 Clean-up continues at the mud-slab after the disastrous pipe break on November 22. Within 45 minutes, the water level ran up to about halfway up the carrier pipe. A small puddle managed to reach the MI enclosure.

11/30/00 After the break, a little bit more excavation was carried out just south of the MI road.

12/04/00 At long last, iron work begins on the alcove base-slab.

01/08/01 The creek diversion was done by Whittaker construction. As required by the CoE, rock was use to stabilize the creek.

01/08/01 Getting this done in the middle of winter has taken some big equipment, and an intrepid crew of workers.

01/08/01 Recent excavation near the utility bank shows how we're about break-in under the bank.

01/08/01 An over-view of the work in the alcove area shows the work beginning on the 8 GeV Beam tunnel. In the background is the completed base pad for the alcove covered with plastic.

01/08/01 The extent of the excavation up to about the 103 mark of the beam tunnel.

01/08/01 The base pad just downstream of the carrier pipe covered with plastic, and being used as a staging area for work further downstream.

01/08/01 This view shows a little bit of detail of the underdrain installation around the base pad in the alcove area.

01/08/01 This view shows work on the rebar for the base pad of the 8 GeV beam enclosure. The work is being done inside of a plastic enclosure to protect workers and materials from the cold and wind.

03/22/01 The alcove area, cleared of silt that accumulated over the winter hiatus, and with the rebar removed from the mud-slab.

03/22/01 This shows progress in excavation under the utility banks. The utility banks are now truly resting on their support beams. The ICW line runs just north of here, and will require its own support system.

03/22/01 A view across the newly excavated ramp. This lies directly between the alcove and the utility banks.

03/22/01 The view of the excavation just north of the utility banks, and just south of the MI-12 enclosure. The long layoff over the winter has softened the ledge, which now threatens to slide into the enclosure.

03/30/01 Excavation around the utility corridor is complete.

03/30/01 A view from the utility corridor looking toward MI-10. The beam curvature is clearly visible.

03/30/01 Excavation just North of the utility corridor, and just south of MI-12. This cures any problem of the berm sliding into the enclosure, although the first lift of the MI-12 west stairwell will have to be completed before the creek diversion can take place.

04/05/01 Jim and Paul ready for a Thursday morning safety walk-through.

04/05/01 The old mud slab has been replaced, and we're ready to set rebar.

04/05/01 Looking south into the beam-line excavation, we can see the suspended utility banks, and the pond water pipe still sitting on the earth.

04/06/01 Looking north into the tunnel excavation from MI-10.

04/13/01 Tunnel floor and mud-slab poured through the front end of the beam-line.

04/19/01 A view of the utility corridor from below. We still need to reinforce the support for the pond water pipe.

04/19/01 Base slab poured through the front end of the beam-tunnel. Preparing to pour the alcove area walls.

04/19/01 Base slab, mud slab and rebar through front end of beam tunnel.

04/19/01 Mud slab nearly complete all the way to MI-12.

04/30/01 Soggy weather has cause some of the excavation to collapse into the construction area.

04/30/01 We can see how the mud slide damaged some of the rebar below.

05/12/01 The alcove walls are coming together.

05/12/01 Progress in setting rebar at the downstream end of the tunnel.

05/12/01 Status of construction at the utility corridor and the road crossing.

05/12/01 Looking toward the decay pipe from within the beam tunnel.

05/24/01 Continued progress on the alcove.

05/24/01 Continued progress at the downstream end of the tunnel.

05/24/01 And work continues at the road crossing.

06/14/01 Progress at the alcove stairwell.

06/14/01 Completed tunnel looking toward MI-12.

06/14/01 Completed tunnel at the transition.

06/21/01 Backfill with earth and CA-6 over the beam tunnel just downstream of MI-8.

06/21/01 Backfill over the beam tunnel, and preparations for installation of steel shielding.

06/28/01 Setting magnet carcasses over the beam tunnel, at the point just below the culvert.

06/28/01 Magnet carcasses arriving from the boneyard.

06/28/01 Placing a magnet carcass into position.

06/28/01 Nearly completed stack.

06/28/01 A view of the steel shielding relative to the road and utility bank.

06/28/01 A view of the magnet stack from the west.

07/05/01 Backfill proceeding over the alcove. Also a view of the formwork for the duct bank.

07/05/01 Another view of th formwork for the ductbank, and progress in backfilling along the M-10 retension wall.

07/05/01 Progress in backfilling beneath the utility corridor and the manhole.

07/05/01 A vew of the region upstream of MI-12. The tunnel is underground.

07/12/01 Gravel fill under the utility corridor, and over the steel shield.

07/12/01 Looking northwest at the utility corridor.

07/12/01 Remaining stairwell construction at MI-10.

07/12/01 Gravel cover over steel shilding upstream of MI-12.

07/19/01 Looking south along the beamline tunnel from MI-12.

07/19/01 Looking at remaining work upstream of MI-10.

07/19/01 Gravel being made ready for backfill around the utility corridor.

07/19/01 Looking at MI-10 across the utility corridor.

07/19/01 End of ICW pipe after backfill.

07/25/01 Remaining construction for the stairwell in the alcove area.

07/25/01 The utility corridor is no longer supported by the H-piles. The H-piles will be removed in a few days after this photo was taken..

07/25/01 The culvert modules were installed as they arrived.

07/25/01 A look at the installed culvert before backfilling.

07/25/01 A look into the tunnel from the MI-12 enclosure.

07/25/01 Inside the tunnel, a section in which painting is complete. This is the region that will contain the major horizontal bends.

07/25/01 Forming for the stairwell at the alcove.

08/16/01 A view from the west wall of MI-10 showing the last concrete work remaining to be done south of Indian Creek Road. This is the stairwell into the alcove area.

08/16/01 Looking east toward MI-10, the form work for the alcove stairwell up to grade level.

08/16/01 Looking along the curved portion of the tunnel south of Indian Creek road, we see that backfilling is compete up to grade level. Only a small earth berm remains to be formed.

08/23/01 Backfilling at MI-10 is complete up to the top of the secant piles.

08/23/01 Alcove access stairwell in its final preparation and form work.

08/23/01 Pouring the Alcove stairwell.

08/23/01 The tunnel jst upstream of the target enclosure.

08/23/01 Walking upstream to the start of the curved tunnel section.

08/23/01 The major bends (6-3-120 magnets) will g into this section of tunnel.

08/23/01 The tunnel curves through nearly 90 degrees as it approaches MI-10..

08/16/01 The beam tunnel near the MI-10 alcove area.

08/16/01 Looking Northwest from the alcove into the beam tunnel.

09/25/01 Backfill over the alcove area and upstream tunnel is coming to a close. The berm here is seen in the background. Access to the upstream stairwell is seen in the foreground. Backfill at the base of MI-10 looks complete, except for seeding.

10/04/01 A view looking south across Indian Creek road at the completed berm over the 8 GeV Beam tunnel.

10/04/01 The upstream end of the tunnel showing the LCW connection to the carrier pipe.

10/04/01 Looking north along the tunnel from the alcove area.

10/04/01 Looking north along the tuunel toward the target enclosure.

10/04/01 Looking south from the target area into the beam tunnel.

10/04/01 LCW detail at the entrance to the target hall.

10/19/01 Looking along the completed and seeded berm over the 8 GeV Beam enclosure, and across the newly paved Main Injector road.

10/19/01 Looking along the access road toward the MI-12 enclosure.

10/19/01 The downstream tunnel showing completed LCW and overhead cable-tray installation.

10/19/01 The 8 GeV beam tunnel looking southtoward the Main Injector. LCW piping is complete and tested. Overhead cable-tray has been installed throughout the tunnel.Conduits for 480v distribution are being installed.

11/30/01 A view looking north toward MI-12 of the final berm configuration.

01/12/02 A look at the temporary shield pile at the upstream end of the enclosure. Cable installation is also in progress.

01/12/02 Magnet stands are installed waiting for magnets.

01/12/02 At the point where the curved tunnel meets the pre-target area, installation of stands is nearing completion. The tall stands that will hold up the fina focus quads will be installed after the horn handling dry runs.

01/24/02 A part of the upstream end of the dipole string has been installed.

01/24/02 Hay bales are setup around the hardstand to protect surface waters.

01/24/02 Some electrical work taking place around the carrier pipe.

01/24/02 We see more of the installed dipole string as we move north along the tunnel.

01/24/02 And we see more of the string as we move futher north along the tunnel.

03/14/02 Looking downstream at the rotated bend string.

03/14/02 Permanent magnet quads and a multiwire box.

03/14/02 Looking back upstream at the rotated dipoles.

03/14/02 A close-up of the permanent magnet quads and the multiwire box.

03/14/02.The second bend string, looking downstream.

03/14/02 More bend-string as we walk downstream around the curve in the beam.

03/14/02 Looking upstream at the bends.

03/14/02 The straight tunnel section just upstrem of the vertical bend.

03/14/02 Looking upstream from the target hall.

03/25/02 The last magnets are installed in the enclosure. The LEP quadrupoles that for the final focu triplet.

04/12/02 Looking upstream at one of the LCW carts used to flush the 6-3-120 dipoles.

04/12/02 Looking downstream at the second LCW cart.

04/26/02 Photo of signing for phase I of 8 GeV Beam operations.

04/26/02 Photo of signing for phase I of 8 GeV Beam operations.

04/26/02 The final and most important signature.

04/26/02 The product. And this is only the paperwork.