8 GeV & MiniBooNE Construction Pictures

The target Hall.

The following pictures document the construction process for the target hall.

08/15/00 Oops, this could be the start of something big!!.

08/15/00 Sure is! We're not moving this out with a backhoe.

08/15/00 Heine looks small on top of this 30 ton object!

08/29/00 The rock is finally gone, and the mud-slab is in place.

08/29/00 excavation begins on the decay pipe area.

08/29/00 A better look at the rebar placement.

09/18/00 A view of the excavation of the MI-12 area looking north toward the decay pipe region.

09/26/00 Another view of MI-12 at an early stage of construction.

09/26/00 Work continues on the rebar installation and form work for MI-12.

09/28/00 The target hall form work looking north toward the decay pipe.

09/28/00 Form work and rebar at the north face of the target hall. The 6' diameter hole at the north wall will be formed by the insert seen in front of the wall.

10/05/00 Pouring the north wall of the target hall.

10/12/00 The North wall of the target hall showing the poly-grip embedded in the wall.

10/30/00 The north wall. Preparing to weld the liner to the poly-grip.

10/30/00 Looking west at the target hall showing progress on the east wall. Water proofing can be seen as the black covering at the bottom of the wall.

11/09/00 Forming rebar around a utility duct on the west wall.

11/09/00 Mike Peters at work on the stairway on the west side of the target hall enclosure.

11/09/00 Detail of reinforcement steel in the stairway at MI-12.

11/10/00 Looking north at the target enclosure, we can see progress on the iron and form work.

11/20/00 View looking northwest updating progress on form work and rebar. Outdoor temperatures have fallen well below freezing.

11/20/00 View looking southeast, showing the form work on the west wall and the stairwell.

11/30/00 Looking northwest, the concrete was poured on the 29th, and is curing under the tarps. Concrete temperatures reached 100 degrees F during the cure.

11/30/00 Looking southwest, water proofing is being placed on the outside of the target enclosure. The next step will be to back-fill around the enclosure.

12/04/00 Looking northwest, the form work has been removed outside of the target enclosure.

12/04/00 Looking southwest, water proofing is complete on the outside of the target enclosure.

12/04/00 Looking north from the inside of the target enclosure toward the decay pipe. The target pile will be built in this area.

01/08/01 Looking north from the target enclosure, work has stopped because of the snow cover.

03/22/01 A view of the condition of the base of the MI-12 enclosure. Silt has accumulated at the base and will have to be remove.The stone will also be removed since it's the wrong grade.

03/22/01 A view from the west side of the MI-12 enclosure, where the access stairs will be located.

03/30/01 Excavation just south of MI-12. Much of this is needed to keep mud from flowing into the construction area. This also represents progress toward the start of the beam-line tunnel construction.

03/30/01 The target hall, where the target pile will sit. Could use a little cean-up at this point.

03/30/01 In the next week, we hope to pour the first lift of the west stairwell in this area.

03/30/01 The east side of the target hall. All of the weater-proofing will have to be replaced.

04/05/01 Looking northwest at the target hall, we can see the protective barrier installed by the contractor to hold back any failing excavation.

04/06/01 This is a closer look at the protective structure.

04/06/01 Here we can see the work being done along the west side of the creek diversion to create some distance between the excavation and the channel.

04/13/01 Beamline excavation taking place just upstream of the target hall.

04/13/01 Form work and rebar being installed for the first lift of the west stair well at MI-12.

04/13/01 Backfill on the east side of MI-12.

04/19/01 First lift of the west stairwell at MI-12. Also seen is the small retaining wall that was installed to keep the excavation and creek from falling into the construction.

04/19/01 The haunch area inside of the target enclosure.

04/28/01 Backfill around the ventilation pipe and east side o MI-12.

04/28/01 Ventilation pipe as it exits MI-12.

07/05/01 Looking into MI-12, with backfill over the upstream enclosure.

07/05/01 Looking south at MI-12 from the east.

07/05/01 Looking over the top of MI-12 with the ventilation pipe in the foreground.

07/05/01 Some of the steel being staged for installation upstream of MI-12.

07/12/01 Looking northeast at MI-12 at stairway installation.

07/12/01 Gravel fill over shielding upstream of M-12.

07/12/01 Safety walkthrough at MI-12.

07/19/01 Looking southwest at MI-12.

07/19/01 Looking northeast at MI-12. The lmc enclosure can be seen in the background

07/19/01 Looking at decay pipe opening in MI-12 enclosure.

07/25/01 Looking west at the MI-12 enclosure.

07/25/01 Detail of conduit work at MI-12.

07/25/01 Progress on stairwell at MI-12.

07/25/01 Another view of the stairwell.

08/16/01 A view at grade level of the conrete work at the target enclosure. The 25 meter absorber enclosure is in the background.

08/16/01 The arrival of steel for the MI-12 service building.

08/23/01 Looking down on the decay pipe, the north wall of the target enclosure ears completion.

08/23/01 Work on the stairwell at MI-12 is showing good progress.

08/23/01 We can see the duct bank and status of work on the east wall of the target enclosure.

08/23/01 The pad is ready downstream of MI-12 for placement of magnets for shielding.

08/23/01 The acess to the MI-12 stairwell is nearing completeion.

09/25/01 Looking north at the MI-12 enclosure. The east side of the culvert that carries Indian creek over the 8 GeV beam tunnel can be seen.

09/25/01 Forming the footings for what will be the south wall of the MI-12 service building.

09/25/01 Looking south at the form-work for the footing of what will be the south wall of the MI-12 service building.

09/25/01 Looking north at footings for the MI-12 service building showing where the conduits come up from the enclosure below.

09/25/01 Looking down at thedecay region in the target enclosure.

09/25/01 Form-work as seen from the west side of MI-12.

09/25/01 Form-work around the stairwell on the west side of MI-12.

09/25/01 Looking west a the footings of MI-12. A portion of the north wall of the MI-12 service building is alo visible.

09/25/01 Looking north at the north wall of the MI-12 service building.

09/25/01 Trench work for buried power ducts.

09/25/01 Some of the buried duct work that will enter MI-12 from MI-10.

09/25/01 A more extensive view of the duct work.

10/04/01 Looking northwest at the MI-12 service building area..

10/04/01 Looking southwest at the south wall of the MI-12 service building.

10/04/01 The edge of the targt enclosure and the future floor at the south end of the MI-12 service building.

10/04/01 Looking north at the west side of MI-12.

10/04/01 Detail of conduit runs next to the target enclosre. This will be filled with gravel before the MI-12 floor is poured.

10/04/01 Conduit runs adjacent to the north wall of MI-12.

10/04/01 Looking at the decay region from the downstream end of the beam tunnel.

10/04/01 LCW detail on east wall of the taret enclosure.

10/04/01 LCW pipe detail at the juncture of the beam tunnel and the target enclosure.

10/04/01 Looking up from what will ultimately be the target pile location.

10/19/01 A newly poured floor at the south end of MI-12.

10/19/01 The newly completed floor around the access shaft above the target enclosure.

10/19/01 The sump pump in the target enclosure has been wired in, and will be energized in a few days.

01/03/02 Looking down fom MI-12 at the entrance to the 8 GeV beam tunnel.

01/12/02 The first layers of target pile being installed in the target hall.

01/12/02 The target pile comes into the target hall one piece at a time.

01/12/02 Let's talk it over!

01/12/02 Looking through the target pile collimator into the decay pipe. The bright circle is at the 25m absorber enclosure.

01/12/02 Looking down into the target hall at the first layer of target pile.

01/24/02 A photo of the crank for the shield door.

01/24/02 Dipoles being staged for installation into the 8 GeV beam tunnel.

01/24/02 Now there is some progress: The bottom half of the pile installed.

01/24/02 Magnet installation and suvey at the mouth of the 8 GeV tunnel.

01/24/02 Magnet installation, target pile plates, and cables.

03/1/02 A look down at the evolving target pile.

03/14/02 The complete steel pile, looking into the horn enclosure.

03/14/02 Looking from the top of the pile, at the start of placing the concrete shield.

03/15/02 The front face of the target pile covered by the aluminum air shield.

03/15/02 The 90 degree moniotor as it comes out of the top of the target pile.

03/15/02 Looking through the beam collimator from the inside out.

03/15/02 Preparing to fill the gap around the 90 degree monitor.

03/15/02 The top of the target pile with a test block installed over the pre-target region.

03/15/02 The horn enclosure inside the target pile.

03/15/02 Looking down on the concrete shield between the target pile and the enclosure wall.

05/15/02 Looking down into the target enclosure at the top of the coffin..

05/15/02 The horn power supply in MI-12.

05/15/02 The temporary dump being prepared to lower out of the beam.

05/15/02 Looking downstream at the coffin and the target pile..