8 GeV & MiniBooNE Construction Pictures

The last major structure of the MiniBooNE project.

The following pictures document the civil construction in the MI-12 area.

09/22/01 The steel apparently goes up very quickly. This is progress after one weekend, looking from south to north.

09/22/01 Looking from south to north at the steel erection.

09/22/01 Looking from east to west at the steel erection at MI-12.

10/19/01 The transformer set within the containment enclosure on the east side of MI-12.

10/19/01 The west side of MI-12 and continued work on the access stairs.

01/03/02 Looking north inside MI-12 at the 30 Ton crane.

11/01/01 The structural steel frame of M-12 as seen from the Indian Creek crossing.

11/01/01 The MI-12 structure just above the target eclosure.

11/01/01 The west side of MI-12 at the newly completed entrance.

11/01/01 The east side of MI-12 showing the HVAC unit, structural steel, retaining wall and monitoring wells.

11/25/01 Looking north at MI-12 over the 8 GeV Beam berm.

11/25/01 Using a mobile crane to mount the 30 T crane inside of MI-12.

11/25/01 Painters working on the structural steel for MI-12.

11/25/01 Looking south along MI-12 at the painters, crane installation, and roof work..

11/25/01 The 30 T crane bridge mounted in MI-12.

11/25/01 Electrical work taking place just above the target enclosure.

11/25/01 Additional electrical work at the west entrance to MI-12.

11/25/01 An interior view of the newly mounted crane bridge.

11/25/01 Progress toward painting the structural steel..

11/25/01 Putting the final touches on the crane installation.

11/30/01 Looking north at the MI-12 service building, with the liner placed on the east wall.

11/30/01 Looking at the east wall of MI-12 from the interior.

12/10/01 The exterior of the MI-12 service building. The final layer of siding is being installed.

12/10/01 The HVAC unit on the east side of MI-12.

12/10/01 The completed electrical substation on the east side of MI-12.

12/10/01 A detail of duct-work tied into the HVAC unit. It appears the final peice is a little short.

12/10/01 Looking north across the target hall inside of MI-12.

12/10/01 Some of the electrical installation along the north wall of MI-12.

12/10/01 Another view, again looking north.

12/10/01 Installation of an anode for the decay pipe cathodic protection system.

01/03/02 The new siding on MI-12, looking northwest.

01/03/02 New siding, HVAC, and roll-up door, looking southwest at MI-12.

01/03/02 Looking north along the decay-pipe region, and the power sub-station.

01/03/02 The south wall of MI-12 with the exterior siding not complete.

01/03/02 The south wall showing some of the structure used on the roof to mount the siding.

01/03/02 Looking northeast at the incomplete siding on MI-12.

01/12/02 Blue blocks arriving at MI-12.

01/24/02 A visit from higher-ups!

01/24/02 MI-12, looking northeast at cable tray duct work, etc.

01/24/02 The complete exterior of MI-12.

01/24/02 Looking at the west exit door in MI-12.

01/24/02 Looking at the west exit door in MI-12.

02/27/02 As we look into the target pile, we can see the start of the decay pipe. The horn and target will ultimately sit here.

02/27/02 A view of cabling going into MI-12. We're looking at the north wall.

03/12/02 Slinging G-Blocks in MI-12.

04/15/02 Power supplies and control system racks covered for conrete chipping work in the shield vault..

03/15/02 Plastic tent construted to keep concrete dust from enetring MI-12 service building during the chipping operation.

04/15/02 Vent lines come from the tents to direct dust outdoors.

04/15/02 The vent lines, an intake and one outlet, just outside of the door at MI-12 service building.

04/15/02 The actual chipping took place in the upper northwest corner of the vault. It's difficult to see, but chip marks are visible just under the temporary wood platform.