MiniBooNE Author Resources

The following is a randomly ordered set of useful resources for people writing MiniBooNE publications:-

  • Have a journal in mind when first putting together the paper. Each journal has LaTeX style files that can be downloaded from their web pages.

  • There is a nice little LaTeX macro that will put line numbers by each line of your document. This makes it much easier for people to feedback comments on the paper. To use it just put \RequirePackage{lineno} just before the \documentclass declaration and \pagewiselinenumbers just after the \begin{document} declaration. Please use it, but don't forget to remove it from the final submitted paper!

  • The up to date author list can be grabbed here. Please use it.

  • We have been asked by Spires to submit an xml version of the author list when we submit to the arxiv. Please get it here and add it to the list of files you submit to the arxiv (it should not be submitted to the journal, just the arxiv).

  • As a rule of thumb the following drafts typically get sent out to the collaboration in the editting process
    • 0th Draft: This one is an incomplete draft, but it indicates what content will go into the paper. Depending on the paper it may or may not make sense to circulate a 0th Draft.
    • 1st Draft: This is the first version of the paper whose content is pretty much complete, but it is not ready for submission yet.
    • Nth Draft: Between the first and final drafts there will probably be drafts circulated as comments are incorporated and the paper approaches readiness for submission. It is possible there may not need to be anything between the 1st and final drafts - it depends on the paper.
    • Final Draft: This is the draft that the editor(s) believe could be sent to the journal. The collaboration may think otherwise!
    • Last Chance Draft: When the editor(s) believe that the paper is final and the collaboration has had it's full opportunity to weigh in a Last Chance Draft is circulated with the intention of submitting the paper to the journal within a couple of days.

  • A good overall style guide can be found at
  • and some information on titles is at
  • A couple of specific things that keep coming up as corrections: