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Goals of BooNE

BooNE's primary goal is to investigate the neutrino oscillation signal reported by the Los Alamos LSND experiment.

In 1995, the LSND collaboration presented strong evidence for the oscillation of muon anti-neutrinos to electron anti-neutrinos. These results lead to mass-squared differences around 1 eV² - much larger than those observed by atmospheric and solar neutrino experiments.

The LSND measurement remains to be confirmed. If BooNE confirms this signal, then significant changes are demanded of our current model for understanding the building blocks of nature. In particular, a BooNE oscillation result will tell us that nature contains at least four different types of neutrinos, at least one of which would be almost totally non-interacting (or sterile).

Other topics that the BooNE experiment will explore include: searches for exotic particles including axions and neutral heavy leptons, ultra-high energy cosmic rays, supernova searches, searches for supermassive star collapse, neutron star mergers, and solar flare emissions, and measurements of the neutrino magnetic moment and negative muon capture.

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